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Every student is required to be correctly dressed in the uniform appropriate to his level.


The Uniform is smart, functional and durable, and a worthwhile investment towards your son’s education  




College Regulation Junior Short Sleeve Shirt

College Regulation Senior Long Sleeve Shirt

College Regulation Boys Shorts

College Regulation Senior Trousers

College Regulation Jumper

College Regulation Jumper

College Regulation Boys Socks

College Regulation Boys Socks

College Regulation PE Uniform

College Regulation Blazer

College Regulation School Tie

College Regulation School Tie

Black Shoes

Black Shoes



  • Hair must be off the collar.
  • No number 1 hair cuts or shavings.
  • For culturally long hair (must always be tied up) permission needs to be sort from the Principal. This must be done at enrolment time.
  • Rats tails are not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Multi coloured hair is not acceptable

The Following are unacceptable in terms of uniform

  • Jewellery, rings or ear rings, bracelets. A watch is permitted.
  • Anything other than the uniform listed above as purchased from the official uniform shop.
  • Ripped or damaged uniform
  • Unnamed items of clothing
  • Tee-shirts are not permitted. Please wear a low neck singlet that is not visible.
  • The wearing of anything other than sports uniform or mufti when playing contact sports
  • Graffiti or offensive coverings of any item of uniform or equipment, including folders, books, diaries, and bags

Elizabeth Michael: is the supplier of St Paul’s College uniform.  . Elizabeth Michael School Wear: 357 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland. Phone 09 358 1680

Shop Hours:

Monday – Thursday             9-5pm

Friday                                9-4pm

Saturday                            9-12pm