Welcome to St Paul's CollegeSt Pauls 315 (1)

St Paul’s College is an educational institution raising young men in the Catholic Marist Tradition. We inculcate a strong faith foundation upon which we build character and achievement for each of our students from Years 7 to 13.

We look to instill each student with strong values of respect and responsibility in the true vision of St Marcellin Champagnat. This is achieved in an engaging environment with the dedication and expertise of exceptional staff who can provide the necessary support for our students to develop independence in learning and capabilities for their success at the college and beyond.

Academic, sporting, musical and cultural prowess is encouraged and this is underpinned with a strong pastoral support system that ensures that each of our students feels a sense of belonging, pride and a desire to succeed in all aspects of school life. This is enhanced by ensuring that our students are innovative, develop a growth mindset and can incorporate blended learning in a way that builds on their confidence and development throughout their time here.

This is achieved with the support of parents and the wider St Paul’s community as they are part of the growth and development of each of our students.

The college motto Confortare Esto Vir – Take courage, be a man – has the drive to build young men with a holistic outlook, filled with strong Catholic values and steadfastness as they prepare to be contributing citizens of tomorrow.

Peace and Blessings

K F Simento