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St Paul's is a school that is in the business of educating young men in the Catholic tradition. It has a strong emphasis on the classroom, sporting and musical achievements.

St Paul’s has embraced tradition with innovation, the local with the international. All activities are underpinned by a strong ethos of pastoral care.

The College believes that boys should be taught how to become men – that the value of courage is essential in their daily lives and this value is embodied in the College motto:

"Confortare Esto Vir", "Take Courage and Be a Man"

The College recognises that in a world of constant change some things don’t change.

These constants of life include recognising the dignity of each individual, participating in community, achievement for all and ensuring there is excellence with equity.

We invite you to join our School Community.

K.F. Fouhy
HeadmasterK.F. Fouhy