Student Leaders 2023

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MichelMichel Tu’akalau
Head Prefect

JerikoJeriko Filipi-Talisau
Deputy Head Prefect
Portfolio: Events
EthanEthan Ropati-Delaney
Deputy Head Prefect
 Portfolio: Academic
AteleaAtelea Barron-Afeaki
Portfolio: Special Character
RichardRichard Faleono
Portfolio: Sport
SioSio Kali
Portfolio: Sport
SethSeth McCarthy
Portfolio: Academic
MaselinoMaselino Va’auli
Portfolio: Cultural

Leadership Academy

St Paul's encourages leadership potential with its Leadership Academy (Years 11-13) where students are given the opportunity to hone their leadership and team-building skills. Member of the Leadership Academy are also assigned industry mentors, additional leadership training, opportunities to attend conferences and other memorable leadership-building events such as the sailing adventure on a three-day sailing adventure on Steinlager 2, the yacht the late Sir Peter Blake famously skippered to win the 1989-90 Whitbread Around the World Race. From this group, future leaders of the school and prefects are selected. 

Confortare Esto Vir - Take Courage, Be a Man

We live by this motto every day, and generations of students have left St Paul's with this philosophy instilled into them. We challenge our students to be courageous, fearless individuals, who stand up for what is right, and always strive to improve themselves, their families and their communities. 

We believe they can achieve this through hard work, dedication and service, but most importantly, a deep respect for the teachings and example of Christ.