It is expected that all St Paul's students pass Level 3 NCEA and achieve University Entrance (UE) or a recognised educational pathway. In order to help our students succeed, we track achievement in academic, sporting, music, service and character.


In order for a student to reach his full academic potential, regular homework is set in all subjects. We would realistically expect one hour of homework per night in Year 7, increasing up to 2-3 hours in Years 11, 12 and 13. We stress the importance of a quiet area in which the student may study.

Student Weekly Engagement Report

At the end of every week of a school term, students and parents will receive an electronic copy of their Learning and Engagement in each of their subjects for that week. The report will state, via a number scale, the teacher’s judgements of the student’s behaviour towards their learning that week. 

The report will also state attendance percentages for the week and term including other information such as lateness to school, withdrawal room and behaviour incidents. These are done to keep communication clear and consistent between the school and families. 

If you have any concerns about this, please speak to your son’s teacher or dean.

Junior Diploma 

The purpose of the Junior Diploma is to provide students in Years 7-10 with an achievement tool where they can track and monitor their own learning progress. 

The St Paul’s College Junior Diploma aligns with NCEA using a collection of credits. To attain the Junior Diploma, students must achieve the following:

  • 80 credits and a minimum of 20 recorded service hours
  • To gain an Excellence endorsement, a student needs 65 excellence credits for the year. To gain a Merit endorsement, a student needs 65 excellence or merit credits for the year. 
  • Honours Board - top 3 students at each year level - Credits/Grade Point Average
  • Headmaster's Endorsement- A Headmaster’s endorsement will be achieved by gaining an excellence level Junior Diploma and meeting the additional criteria below.
    • An average weekly engagement score of 3.5 or greater for the year
    • Attendance of 95% or better
    • Committed to the College in at least two extracurricular activities (Includes Music)

For more information, please speak to your son's teacher or dean.

NCEA & University Entrance (UE)

NCEA and other national certificates are recognised by employers and used as the benchmark for selection by universities and polytechnics.

As a condition of enrolment at St Paul's College, every student is expected to pass Level 3 NCEA and achieve University Entrance.

For more information, see Careers.

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