The standard clause in the Integration Agreement of Catholic Schools states: "Preference of Enrolment at the school under Section 442 of the Education Act 1989, Part 33 shall be given to only to those children whose parents have established a particular or general religious connection with the Special Character of the School"

Sacramental Programme (Category 5.4)

For families that want to apply under 5.4 Preference category, parents are asked to choose a 'sponsor' for their child. The Sponsor can sign the Preference Form along with the parents and endorse it through their Priest. 

The 'sponsor' under 5.4 will be: 

  1. Living in Auckland
  2. Practicing their Catholic faith
  3. A significant presence in the child's life
  4. Is available to support the student in their faith journey

In the event that a ‘sponsor’ is unavailable, the College can assist the family together with the student to take part in the Sacramental Programme through the school. 

This programme is designed to help the student understand and fully participate in the life and special character of the College. The course covers the fundamentals of the Catholic faith and offers at the end of the programme the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation. 

The course takes about 10 to 12 weeks in school time. The parents and sponsors are asked to be involved in the Sacramental programme at various stages and continue along with the sponsor to be involved in the student's faith journey. 

For more information, please email Mrs Kirstie Wearmouth.