St Paul's College Board of Trustees

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Chair & Headmaster

Bot Denis Wood
Denis Wood

Bot Kieran Fouhy
Kieran Fouhy

Proprietor's Reps

Bot Mark Bowden
Mark Bowden
Proprietor's Rep

Bot Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith
Proprietor's Rep

Regina Smuga
Regina Smuga
Proprietor's Rep

Parent Reps

Bot Asilika Aholelei
Asilika Aholelei
Parent Rep

Bot Br Colin Divane
Br Colin Divane
Parent Rep

Bot Junior Fiu
Junior Fiu
Parent Rep

Bot Peter Hogg
Peter Hogg
Parent Rep

Bot Bernice Mene
Bernice Mene
Parent Rep

Staff & Student Reps

Glenn Stanbridge
Glenn Stanbridge
Staff Rep

Bot Tyreese
Tyreese Savea
Student Rep

Board of Trustees Meeting Dates 2020

Monday 17th February
Monday 9th March
Monday 6th April
Monday 11th May
Monday 8th June
No Meeting in July
Monday 10th August
Monday 14th September
Monday 19th October
Monday 9th November

Note: meeting dates are subject to change

Please email Ms Florence Gomes, the Board Secretary for more information.