Family Spirit

Our Marist pillar for 2024 is ‘Family Spirit – Whānaungatanga’. Family Spirit is a key gift for all Champagnat Marist schools and a support in our journey to Christ through Mary. St Marcellin Champagnat and the first Brothers were united in heart and mind. Their relationships were marked by warmth and tenderness. In their discussions about living together as Brothers they found it useful to compare the spirit of their community life to that of a family. Like the early Champagnat Marist communities, today we are inspired by the home of Nazareth to develop those attitudes that make family spirit a reality: love and forgiveness, support and help, forgetfulness of self, openness to others, and joy. Let us celebrate the inspiration of the Holy family in our Champagnat Marist way throughout 2024.

A prayer for ‘Family Spirit – Whānaungatanga’:
God of love, may we grow as a Marist family united in faith, hope and love. We pray that you help guide each one of us in our responsibility for continuing to share Marcellin Champagnat’s charism and vision. Help us to deepen our relationship with Jesus. May we model for the young people in our care the love that Marcellin had for the Holy Family.  Mary, accept our love, Good Mother, as we ask that by your example you lead us to discover the radiant joy of Christ.


May we grow as one family this year under the protection of Mary, our Good Mother.

Kirstie Wearmouth
Director of Religious Studies