House Points Update 22 March 2024

Lavalla Shines Bright in Academic Achievements!

Last week marked the culmination of our checkpoint assessments, a time when our students showcased their academic prowess and dedication.

In line with our commitment to recognizing and celebrating excellence, we are pleased to inform you that house points have been allocated based on three key areas: average effort across all subjects, average achievement across all subjects, and school attendance over the previous three weeks.

The College would like recognise the outstanding achievements of our top three students for the past two weeks:

  • Seron Stanley from Champagnat House - 23 points
  • Jackson Leavai from Xavier House - 22 points
  • Kyte Hallas from Xavier House - 21 points

Congratulations to these remarkable individuals for their dedication and hard work. Your commitment to academic excellence sets a shining example for all of us.

Looking ahead, our next House event promises to be an exhilarating one - the annual school Tug of War! This event, scheduled towards the end of the term, will provide another opportunity for our students to showcase teamwork, strength, and spirit.

Let us remember that while we celebrate achievements on the sports field, it is equally important to acknowledge and reward the efforts made within the classroom. After all, points are earned through academic diligence and perseverance as well.

Thank you to all our students for your continuous efforts, and to our teachers and staff for your unwavering support and encouragement.