2024 ASB Polyfest

Celebrating Our School's Success

Fakaalofa lahi atu kia mutolu,

St Paul’s College participated in this year's ASB Polyfest competition, and what a journey it has been! This year marked our first-ever entry with a Niuean group, and it's been quite some time since we last graced the Polyfest stage.

For the past six weeks, our dedicated boys and tutors have shown remarkable commitment and made countless sacrifices in preparation for the competition. Learning the songs, actions and takalo required immense practice and discipline, but our boys rose to the challenge with courage and determination.

Despite most of the group not being of Niuean descent, they came together as one, embracing the Niuean culture wholeheartedly. The love for the culture, our school, and their families was truly admirable and heartwarming.

We are proud to announce that our boys achieved outstanding success at ASB Polyfest. They came first in the takalo and traditional wear categories, showcasing their talent and dedication. Moreover, they achieved third place overall—a remarkable achievement that reflects their hard work and commitment.

To our incredible boys: Well done! You have made us all proud with your exceptional performance and achievements. Your perseverance, teamwork, and love for your families, St Paul’s, Niuean culture have truly shone through, and we commend you for your efforts.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the parents and families who came out in force to support our boys. Your unwavering support and encouragement have been invaluable throughout this journey. Our tutors; Roja Pineki Kauie and Danny Makatuki you two are the real MVP’s!  Thank you for teaching and supporting our boys through this process!

A very special mention to Jariyus Mauai-Makatuki who was the only student who entered the ASB Polyfest Speech Competition.  Another first for St Paul’s College on the Niuean Stage. He was able to proudly deliver his message, ‘Home is the first classroom for our language, culture and identity’ with mana and confidence. Jariyus placed 2nd and represented himself, his family, Niue and St Paul’s College with so much pride. Fakaaue lahi Jariyus for the courage you displayed sharing such an important message. 

As we celebrate this incredible success, let us continue to cherish and embrace the richness of our cultural heritage. Together, we stand tall as proud representatives of our school and the vibrant Niuean culture.

Congratulations once again to our amazing boys! Here's to many more successes and memorable moments in the future!

Kia Monuina