Special Character Update 7 June 2024

This week we celebrate the feast of St Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers. For those who do not know the character of Marcellin well, it could be easy to consider him as an historic figure only seen in paintings or in the page of a book or in stories. However, when you reach to the heart of his story, it is a story of passion and of zeal inspired by Mary with a true vision for all children to come to know and love Jesus.

Marcellin was a hard worker, he was fair, he was respectful and he was devoted to God; most of all through the strength of Mary he wanted everybody to know God. Through his character he showed the greater glory of God and inspired those around him to do the same. This tradition that we have been gifted with is simple. It is a straightforward model to grow closer to Christ and to be the face of Christ for others, so that we may all might participate in the growth of the Kingdom of God.

So, when we celebrate the feast day of Marcellin this week let us remember why Marcellin started his schools and the urgency and zeal he had with the mission. Through Marcellin, Marist Brothers schools exist primarily to bring young people closer to Jesus. Let us also remind ourselves this can be done through the example of Marcellin; through the efforts we make using our God-given gifts and talents, through the respect we show ourselves and others and through our devotion to coming to know the Lord our God. Happy Feast Day St Paul’s whānau.

Ki te wairua o whānaungatanga,

Kirstie Wearmouth