Music 5 July 2024

What a term it has been for the music department! It is such an honour for our St Paul's College Choir to be invited to Cadenza, which is the regional finals of The Big Sing. We are so incredibly proud of our young men and the hard work they put in to perform to such a high standard at The Big Sing, but to have done this well with only one and a half terms preparation. To put it in context, most choirs start preparing in July for the following year. Despite being a new choir this year, our young men naturally rose to the high standards of the competition and exceeded all of our expectations and are one of the 12 choirs in the Upper North Island region selected for this prestigious event. Cadenza will be held in Rotorua from the 23 - 26 August. There is a lot of work to do before then, so thanks to parents and students in advance for all the extra rehearsals and fundraising to happen early in Term 3. 

Our Senior Mass Band visited St Mary's College on Wednesday 3 July to perform and teach their students new songs, as well as encourage and empower the young women of St Mary's College in their school Mass music. This visit was well received by students and staff, and of course, our young men enjoyed feeling like rock stars for a short moment. Well done to our Senior Mass Band for the leadership shown year after year in our school Masses. It was a blessing to see these young men serve and share with a sister school in this way. 

Thank you all for another great term in music. It is great to see our young men step up across so many musical disciplines. I try hard not to take for granted the talent that we see in our school year after year - we are so blessed!

I hope that during these school holidays, your homes are filled with the sounds of your son/s practicing and playing lots of music! 

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