Special Character Update 5 July 2024

When the men on the road to Emmaus accompanied the stranger, he talked with them to help them to understand we can find Jesus through conversation and through scripture, we can find Jesus in gathering as a group in his name. Most importantly, at the meal the stranger was revealed as Jesus in the breaking of the bread. It is a pattern and tradition that has endured over millennia and a tradition that we continue when we come together for the Blessed Sacrament at Mass and find Jesus in the breaking of the bread. This week the whole school joined together in Communion for our monthly Mass to fully encounter Christ.

This week’s Mass was even more special because, as part of our Sacramental programme this year, four young men were Baptised into the Catholic church; congratulations to Stevphayn Keni (Year 11), Zohail Hassan (Year 9), Kyan Henry (Year 12) and Karter Matautia (Year 9). As a part of the rite of Baptism, all present re-affirmed our Baptismal promises and were Blessed with Holy water and anointed with Holy oil by our chaplain Fr Glenford Lowe. What an extra special way to finish Term 2 as a Eucharistic gathering in the name of Christ, all blessed in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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Baptism 6