Absences and Public Transportation

Please read this important information for your son.

For any absences, please ring and leave a message on the answer phone, or email the message through to [email protected] before school starts. Please state your son's name, year level, and the reason. All (non-urgent) appointments are to be made outside of school hours, if at all possible.

Absences add up and negatively impact your son's learning and the learning of other students.

Public Transportation
If your son uses public transport to get to school, please get him to download the AT app onto his phone. This will have the latest updates on train and bus timetables, and should be checked daily. It will assist him in getting to school on time.

Boys on the Eastern and Southern train lines are expected to be at Britomart by 7.45am to ensure they are able to get the 105 bus on time.