Achievers Assembly 2022

Last week Thursday we honoured students who gained Junior Diploma and NCEA Level 1-3 Endorsed with Excellence. These were the students who gained 44 credits at the Excellence level in Years 7-13 last year. Congratulations and well done. The students were presented with a certificate and a badge. The former Board Chair of the college was the keynote speaker, who stressed the importance of education and endorsement paving the way for better opportunities in life.

Gaining an endorsement needs to be the goal of every student at the college. But it is not something that just happens. One must work consistently and stay committed to your schoolwork. Students who actively participate in classes have a very high chance of getting endorsements. There is also strong evidence from research for students who gain certificate endorsement and UE, do well at the university. So, you can set the goals with your son, 50 credits at Excellence Level.

As a college, we thank all the families for your significant role and contribution to your son’s academic achievement. We know these things don’t just happen. Parent support and involvement are vital in a child’s education, so thank you families for your contribution.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the hard-working teachers who contributed to these student successes in a particularly challenging year for teaching and learning.

Our NCEA results for 2021:

  • at Level 1, we had 94% of students pass, compared to 69% nationally.
  • at Level 2, this was 100% compared to 78% nationally.
  • and at Level 3 we gained a 95% pass rate compared to 70% nationally.
  • our UE results for 2021 are 92.5% compared to 52% nationally.

Our NCEA Endorsements for 2021:

  • at Level 1, 17% compared with 21% nationally
  • at Level 2, 9% compared with 18% nationally, and
  • at Level 3, 13% compared with 18% nationally.

We look forward to achieving even better results for this year.