Attendance and Academic News

Term 2 100% Attendance Award and Academic Excellence

The following students from Years 7-10 were recognised for their outstanding academic commitment to school work during chapel last week. These students in each year group have received excellence grades for a number of subjects tracking for Excellence Endorsed in Junior Diploma this year. Well done to these young men. Make sure you continue to persevere till the end. Your hard work will be rewarded.  

100% Attendance Awards

Mateo Afoa, Robert Piutau, Iverson Niuula, Siokatame Kali, Siaosi Jones, Neil Fernandes, Peter Creevey, Mita Tate, Siale Piutau, Manley Faaui
Suli Taufa, Jessiah Tanoa’i, Christopher Thaggard, Richard Faleono, Nathan David, Devante Hurrell-Epati, Aukustino Etuale, Elijah Nua, Christian Faifua, Josh Benoza

Year 7 Academic Excellence 


Mita Tate, Feofa'áki-a'kakau Tupouniua, Preston-David Stanley, Siale Piutau, Ben Turner, Kyte Hallas (absent)

Year 8 Academic Excellence 


Peter Creevey, Neil Fernandes, Geronimo Iglesias, Michael Te'o, Robert Piutau, Arthur Gabriel

Year 9 Academic Excellence


Joseph Samuels, Albert Balchin, Charley Hoeft, Mateo Afoa, Josh Benoza, Sebastian Smith, Christian Faifua, Finn Lloyd (absent), Owen Turner (absent)

Year 10 Academic Excellence

Yr10excellenceBilly Baice, Solomon Nash, Noah Hetutu-Davis, Nathan Mareva Tumaki, Christopher Scott, Waka Tate, Dante Tauaaletoa, Joses Schuster, Tyrall Fanene-Clark (absent)