Our new Commerce and Maths teacher John Paul (JP) Fa'amausili caught up with an old friend at school last week.

Recently retired Graham Lawry (teacher, friend and mentor to many) still comes to school regularly to be a volunteer in our reading programme. 

JP was a student at St Paul's from 1991 to 1997. Asked about his memories of Mr Lawry, he says, "I remember him as the teacher who used to drive to school in a BMW. The boys thought he was pretty cool, and looked like one of those movie star characters. The only time I did Graphics was in Form 3 (Year 9) and we got along well with him. We just laughed at his dry jokes…" 

JP has really enjoyed his first two terms back at the college. He says that his favourite part of teaching at St Paul's is the connection and relationships with the boys, which make turning up to work a little bit easier - being an Old Boy also helps.

The school community thanks Graham for his continued service and wishes JP all the best for his future years teaching at St Paul's. 

Brenda Haybittle