Drone Legend Programme

Drone Legends- A Flight of its own.

Drone Legends- A Flight of its own.

By Finn Lloyd

This Tuesday, I and 12 others attended a flying experience…

A plane with four propellers - the size of my fist?

The Drone legends program has been touring the world, after being made in the USA, to teach children about a very modern concept- Drones. To many, these seem dangerous and uncontrolled, and many have no clue about their actual purpose and their greatness! Drone Legends wishes to change this. These prejudices of the drones and the droning community can be damaging to people who either enjoy flying these aircraft or discourage people from using them.

The Drone Legends team put these rumours to death fast- introducing us to drones, their abilities, and their uses in the present world. Dr Craig Hansen, (PhD in Creative Engineering), introduced us all to the drones themselves, DJI’s programmable Tello drone, and began to instruct us on safety measures to help us keep our eyes and ears in their correct places!

We then began to fly the drones, firstly simple manoeuvres around some structures that we made. But then to collecting images and footage of the surrounding area, so that we could use these for the next part…

Making a website! This was the assignment given to us by Dr Hansen, to create a website using footage that we had collected, and instruct any reader about the importance and the promise that drones present. The Wonderful Mrs Brayshaw stayed with us for the entire day- she assisted in the running of the programme, held in the Tech Block.

The Drone Legends experience was like no other, from Coding and Path-Flying a drone through a structure or room to creating a drone of our own. There is no experience that I would rather spend the day doing, and all of my thanks go to Mrs Brayshaw, as well as Dr Hansen and the Drone Legends NZ program.

All I hope is…

I will fly again soon!