English Department News week ending 2 April 2021

Year 8 Poetry, Year 11 Shakespeare and World Poetry Day

Year 8 Poetry

The Year 8 students have been working on Poetry this term, and the students were tasked with writing a "Best Part of Me" poem. For this poem, students had to write about themselves, using a body part as a catalyst to explain their different positive attributes and personal achievements. Below is an example of work by Arthur Gabriel.

These Hands
My hand is brown like a bear’s fur,
With my hand I can do stuff I enjoy.
I can throw the ball to the people I love
And also catch the ball.

These hands I have can help a lot with,
Playing cricket to get wickets
To hit the ball with the bat.
It high fives my teammates when they get an out.

It helps me get assignments finished
By writing with my right hand
Which is what I'm doing now.
I Use my hand in my daily life.

I use my hand to pat my friends on the back
When they are feeling down or sad.
I shake their hand with mine to greet them.
Then I use it to hold the door for teachers.
By Arthur Gabriel

Ashleigh Horne
Year 8 Teacher
E: [email protected]

Year 11 Shakespeare

"Thou this be madness yet there's matter in it....."

Senior English students have been reading Shakespeare this term. Ms Haybittle's Year 11 class have enjoyed reading Romeo and Juliet. The messages resonate with a young audience and the students appreciate the universality of the plot, characters and the setting.

 The jewellery box of Shakespeare's plays offer ideas such as race, religion, gender, family, power, love and tragedy, among many others and will always be relevant. 

World Poetry Day

To celebrate World Poetry Day 2021, Ms Haybittle's senior English class performed a selection of anti-war poems by WW1 soldier-poet Wilfred Owen. The boys learned the texts by heart and delivered these poems to their peers. This oratory showcase was part of the preparation for a challenging Level 3 speaking assessment.

Brenda Haybittle
Head of Department, English
E: [email protected]

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