"PRAYER is the conversation to and the recognition of a greater Being in the face of impossible odds” - K. F. Fouhy (Headmaster)

Sometimes four letter words are said for effect and simply to express the right emotion

HELP is one such word at these times.

PRAYER is the conversation to and the recognition of a greater Being in the the face of impossible odds. 

We always pray in petition when we cannot solve the problems before us. Hence the expression with reference to the First World War  ..” there are no atheists in foxholes”

Human beings turn to God for HELP ..the prefect prayer

HELP is now the prayer word of hospitals and medical staff as they ask for the ventilators, and protective equipment they need to do their job.

I now further understand those words of scripture 
“ Unless you become like little children you will not enter the Kingdom of God”
Why?  Because little children ask for HELP -all the time. 
HELP to be fed. 
HELP to read. 
HELP to make them better


In these days I have set myself the task to ring all the families of the St Paul's College and ask 3 questions:
-whether learning is happening in the home, 
-whether work has been given by teachers.
-whether our men have established learning routines 

What a humbling experience!

Nearly 100% of families understand that boys need the structures of daily routines to simply survive. They are getting help from their mates and their teachers.

My fear is that we will eventually get through all this mess and then we have to start again and pick up the pieces.!

So when the lockdown finishes and regular school classes start again we need to be running...not walking.

We are not victims sitting on a cactus bush moaning about how unfair life has become.

My thanks and appreciation for the teachers who have gone way beyond to provide work and check in on their students by word, or zoom or google.

We are all in the middle of a huge reset on how we do  everything. It is really a magnificent opportunity.

“Why waste a crisis” is the mantra of the Singapore leader. 


The school holidays are being reset and the dates don’t feel like holidays.

Don’t forget to ask for HELP... from I to Me to you

In His Peace