Laurie Hewitt

Head Prefect of St Paul’s College in 1962

Laurie Hewitt, Head Prefect of St Paul’s College in 1962, passed away at his beloved Waitemata Golf Club on 12 November 2021.

Laurie Hewitt had a personality and character fit for the stage and he did spend some time on stage such as ‘NZ’s Bobby Darin’ when he filled the Morrinsville Town Hall. But mostly it was the wide range of friends that he commanded who suffered his cheek and drama. He was renowned for his sharp cracks and quick retorts mostly with the ones he loves the most. Such was his interest in people and the community that he verged on being a gossip. He loved the chance to spread the news until unfortunately last Friday evening Laurie became the news. Only ‘Wildfire’ could describe the speed with which the news spread of Laurie’s demise. Such is the love and respect that we had for the man. Laurie enjoyed life, family, friends, sports, Marist Softball, Marist Rugby (whom he served admirably), and his beloved St Paul’s College whom he supported and followed throughout his life. Take Courage Be A Man.

Trevor Prendergast, St Paul's 1963-67.

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