Learning Support Department

A Spotlight on Who We Are

Our St Paul’s Learning Support Department is supported by the following growing army of dedicated volunteers who we would like to acknowledge and introduce, plus a few more who will be joining us shortly:

  • Justice Patrick Keane (retired High Court Judge)
  • Graham Lawry (our dedicated technology teacher and former SPL staff of 39 years)
  • Rhonda Nelson and Glenda Hoffman (former teachers)
  • Heather Johnson
  • Geraldine Johns (journalist)
  • Susan Pilgrim
  • Jane Dent (TV/Radio Presentation and Voice Coach, Tourism Guide Training, Life/Work Coach)
  • Ian Williams (lawyer)
  • Catherine Foster (freelance writer)
  • Willie Lose (sports commentator and Tongan rugby legend)
  • Diana Goodman (journalist)

They work with our Assisted Reading Program. The aim of this program is to build confidence in students to read aloud, extend their vocabulary and knowledge as well as work on their comprehension and understanding. Our amazing volunteers bring with them a wealth of knowledge and a heart of service to give back to the community. They are truly amazing and give their time to support us.

Introducing our Hardworking Teaching Assistants
St Paul’s Learning Support Department is excited to have two Teaching Assistants, Mr. Froilan Gomes and Mr. Ronan Jebb, who is also our Director of Basketball. They work across the college assisting students and teachers. Welcome aboard the SPL183 Waka!

He Waka Eke Noa - We are all in this together

Carol D’Souza
Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO)
E: [email protected]lege.co.nz

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