Library News 20 May 2022

News From Your Library

Reading is alive and thriving at St Paul's College!

We have seven young men who have read at least 20 books this year and are honoured by having their photo on the Wall of Fame in the library.

Considering we are at the end of Week 14 in 2022, that means they have read at least 1.5 books per week! That is an outstanding achievement and worth celebrating!

Congratulations to:

  • Jasiah Leha'uli - Year 7
  • Wayne Kalapa - Year 7
  • Roman Fruean - Year 8
  • Marcus Vehikite - Year 8
  • Perekina Uaisimeni-Puepuemai - Year 8
  • Mark'Angelo Mareko - Year 9
  • Peter Creevey - Year 9
Wayne Kalapa
Roman Fruean
Marcus Vehikite
Perekina Uaisimeni-Puepuemai
Mark'Angelo Mareko

Peter Creevey