Library News week ending 11 Sep 2020

Our school librarian, Mrs Twomey shows off a selection of new books to senior English students.

Mrs Twomey, who is an avid reader herself, is passionate about choosing teen fiction and young adult literature for the young men at St Paul's College. She makes recommendations to the students and also follows up on requests for new titles. The new book section is popular with students from all levels . 

Mrs Twomey And Students In Library
L-R: Mrs Kath Twomey, Denzel Seuala, Heneli Luani, Daniel Smith and Lazarus Hala

The link to our online Library is found by clicking the Academic tab on any webpage, then choose Library Online.

Or click HERE to view.

Uno Competition

Mrs Twomey has organised  a Lunchtime Uno Competition. "This is just a bit of fun! The boys have missed out on so much during lockdown" says Mrs Twomey.

The competition is very popular, with boys booking a place to have a chance to play against their classmates during lunch break. 

"Best game, fast pace, it's fun" says Charley Hoeft

Uno Photo
L-R: Josh Benoza, Charley Hoeft, Matthew Blanch and Kamilo Muliaga