Library News week ending 6 March 2022

2022 Student Librarian Team

Josiah Vaái-Tupaí, Miguel Gazo, Joseph Samuels, Josh Benoza, Joses Schuster, Dominic Calvert-Smith, Neil Fernandes, Nemani Dakiragata, Dante Tauaaletoa, Maselino Va’auli, Atelea Barron-Afeaki Absent: Michel Tu’akalau, Feleti Fane, Finn Lloyd, Compton Purcell

Our 2022 Student Librarian team is up and running. They are already making a difference with their ability to engage with other students, provide advice on what to read, make displays and help with book promotions and maintenance.

Congratulations to our Head Librarians, Dominic Calvert-Smith (Year 12) and Neil Fernandes (Year 9), who received their badges at assembly. Both have great skills which complement each other.

We welcome two new members: Joses Schuster and Compton Purcell. They have high energy and are keen to make a difference.

I’m so lucky as the rest of the team are returning from last year as well as several students from 2020, so there is a lot of experience and it really shows. We can’t wait to showcase our library throughout the year! 


Head Librarians Neil Fernandes and Dominic Calvert-Smith