News from Your Library week ending 29 August 2021

20+ Book Club

A BIG congratulations to our young men who have joined the 20+ Book Club and have joined the Reading Wall of Fame in the library!

These students have read 20 or more books this year which is an incredible achievement. That is more than 1.5 books each week!

These boys are our most busy readers:
Perekina Uaisimeni-Puepuemai, Roman Fruean, Jovan Joshy, Kennedy Schaaf, Mita Tate, William Fotu, Preston Etuale Faalau, Siale Piutau, Munaloto Teisi, Marcus Vehikite, Adrian Samita, Viliami Kailahi, Marseille Niuula, Compton Vaka, Khan Iobu-Ioane, Leo Zigliani, Christian Faifua, Marley Fonua, Josh Benoza, Tobias Christensen-Powell, Jaydn-Psalms Laupepa, Nafitalai Ofa, Sikulu Ahio, Montell Laumea, Lazarus Mann, Augustino Petersen and Lucca Williams.

Our top 3 borrowers - all Year 7 students!

  • Perekina - 59 books
  • Roman - 38 books
  • Jovan - 38 books

Now is a good time to become a member of Auckland Libraries, if you are not one already. Whilst we can't borrow physical books at the moment, e-books and audio books can still be borrowed. To register, click here.