Pastoral News week ending 20 Nov 2020

The 5 Ps

When it comes to planning and being prepared, I always think back to something that my 3rd Form (Year 9) English teacher Mr Cole told us. He always talked about the 5 Ps:

“Proper Planning/Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

If we plan and prepare well, we are more likely to succeed.

Twenty years later and this sentiment is just as relevant as it was back then. As 2020 winds down, we are preparing and planning for the 2021 school year and the events calendar is quickly filling up.

As our young men embark on their journey with exams this week, senior students with NCEA and our junior students with their end of year exams, the simple message we have communicated to them is the importance of being prepared. The old saying is true that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. We are building a great exam culture at the College and our boys are focused and are learning the discipline and mental toughness it takes to sit exams.

With the seniors on study leave, this is a great opportunity for our young men in the Junior school to be proactive and show leadership around the school. Whether it’s picking up rubbish or helping out in the Library during break times, I encourage them to capitalise on any opportunity they get to be leaders in these last few weeks of the school year. Prepare today to become a leader for tomorrow.

Samuel Tanielu|
Deputy Headmaster - Pastoral Care & Operations

E: [email protected]