Service News week ending 25th June 2021

Heart NZ's annual street appeals and achievements in service...

Heart NZ
Heart NZ is a non-profit organisation that has contributed nearly 80 million dollars to heart disease research since 1968, and on Saturday 12th June, our boys did their part to grow that number.

Well done to the exceptional young men who partook in Heart NZ's annual street appeals. Heart disease is the biggest killer in New Zealand. The statistic of 1 in 3 New Zealanders dying from the illness makes it a more than worthy cause. Thank you to these men for the work that they've done. 

Achievements in Service
By embodying the Champagnat principle of 'Love of Work' these students have solidified their status as St Paul's men. Well done to the following boys who have excelled in reaching their 20 hours of service commitment for 2021.

Lorenzo Ekeroma - pictured volunteering for 'Rise and Shine' Day Care

Manley Faáui - pictured partaking in the planting day at Waiata Reserve for the conservation society

Ngatu Lui - pictured spending one of many of Saturdays collecting money for non-profits, in this case Child Cancer

Isaiah Faiva - who also gave up many Saturdays to collect for many non-profit causes.

Prague Chadwick - who participated in many conservation events like Waiata Reserve planting day as well as helping out Newton Central School with their Fia-fia day

Great Men. Great Work. Great Causes.

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