The Ocean is the Greatest Teacher March 2020

Ron Holland (St Paul's Old Boy) has often reflected on how his passion for sailing steered him from an uncertain future, after failing School C twice, to becoming one of the most important yacht designers in the world. He is so proud that the St Paul’s boys have the opportunity to sail a yacht he designed. When he visited the school in March 2020 to pick up his Outstanding Achievers award, he applauded our commitment to sailing. It teaches young men to dream, and to dare to believe that their dreams can come true.

It is through the Old Boys generous contributions to the school that the sailing program can continue, and we thank you for your continued support of the student’s all-rounded education. 

On this trip, The New Zealand Sailing Trust had a film crew producing a leadership video featuring the St Paul’s College young men and the inspiration from Sir Peter Blake. 

You can watch this short but inspirational video below (approx 2 mins):