Year 10 English Trip - Dawn Raid

Educate to Liberate: Dawn Raid Exhibition

On Monday 15th March, a Y10LAN English class walked to Studio One in Ponsonby to visit the Educate to Liberate: Dawn Raid exhibition. 

They had the opportunity to meet the Author Pauline (Vaeluaga) Smith who wrote the novel Dawn Raid. The students learned about the inspiration behind the book and the writing process, where Pauline encouraged the boys to use their voice in their writing. 

The boys had a variety of questions about the history of the Dawn Raids and the involvement of the Polynesian Panthers. The students spent some time in the exhibition looking at the photos, media and displays of historical artifacts from the Dawn Raids. 

They have learned a lot about the shameful injustices of the Dawn Raids and have an appreciation of the novel they are studying in English. Here is a link to the original Dawn Raid exhibition in Christchurch: 

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English Teacher
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