Year 7 and 8 Science

Junior Science Fair

First, I want to thank each one of you for your dedication towards ensuring the success of the Junior Science Fair. It was a really successful event.

To all the parents, thank you for your amazing efforts in supporting your children through ordering equipment, buying objects and helping set up.

The judges were so impressed with our student’s ability to lead enquiry learning and their innovative projects.

The judges fed back that the standard of projects was incredibly high.

Thank you for all the support. Based on the quality of work I saw at the fair, I know our children’s futures are bright.

Our judges have selected the following students as top 3 +1, based on their demo and oral presentations.

Year 8 - 1st Michael Te'o, 2nd Daniel Easton, 3rd Troy Fuimaono

Year 7 - 1st Liam Millar, 2nd Benjamin Turner, 3rd Duncan Hogg, 4th Feofa'aki-a'kakau Tupouniua

Michael Te'o and Daniel Easton
Benjamin Turner, Duncan Hogg and Feofa'aki-a'kakau Tupouniua