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Youth Leadership Retreat and Mother and Sons Vinnies Night

Youth Leadership Retreat

Last weekend, Kaylis and myself attended a camp for the leaders of Vinnies from Catholic schools in Auckland. The camp only lasted 2 days, the Saturday and Sunday. Although it was short, Kaylis and I took a lot away from the camp. Myself personally was able to gain confidence in my ability to meet new people. In the span of just 2 days I was able to make many new connections. The camp consisted of reflection time, where we thought about why we were chosen, what was the purpose of being leaders. To lead means being able to serve others. It also taught us that teamwork is valuable, nothing can ever be done properly by being alone. The main theme of the camp was ‘Rediscovering fire.’ What drives you in your daily lives? Why do you do the things you do? By attending camp, it made the answer to these questions clearer and it made prior goals easier to achieve. 

- Cornelius Aupito

SPL Mother and Sons Vinnies Night

On Tuesday 29th March, more than 40 mothers and sons gathered to give back to our community.  

We were split into two teams.

We packed more than 300 boxes that will reach about 1500 families.

All mothers and sons of SPL thoroughly enjoyed their night of fellowship and brotherhood. At the end of the evening, we all sat down and reflected on what we did and what it meant to each individual.

It was a very emotional, but rewarding night knowing we were of service to others.

All honour and glory to our Father God.

Serah Lupo
Fees Manager
E: [email protected]

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